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Company Overview

The Pacific Group is a real estate development and investment company founded in 1986. Our investment activities are centered in the Metro Atlanta area and southeastern United States. With an investment record of more than 250 residential and commercial properties comprising in excess of 12,500 acres, Pacific Group has demonstrated a commitment to Atlanta's growth and sustainability.

Company Summary

  • A real estate investment and property development company, Pacific has been active in Metropolitan Atlanta since 1986.
  • Pacific has acquired, developed and/or sold approximately 22,000 housing units and 12,500 acres including over 250 residential communities.

Sound land use practice, professional planning, and design, combined with comprehensive execution set Pacific's housing and property developments apart.

Pacific Philosophy

  • Operate as real estate developer and investor concentrating in the Atlanta area, but with the flexibility of taking advantage of real estate development opportunities in other markets.
  • Minimize risk and liability by prudently timing acquisitions to coincide with favorable periods in the real estate cycle.
  • Maintain a high level of credibility and accountability with all customers, partners, lenders, contractors, and consultants.
  • Always recognize the vital importance of marketing a well-conceived property development plan supplemented by strong personal, political, and industry-related relationships.
Pacific Group, Inc.
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